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Researches of infrastructure elements and elements and structures of rolling stock
Intelligent management of railway infrastructure facilities with integrated diagnostic and forecasting methods
Automatic balancing equipment and vibration studies
Studies of infrastructure management algorithms and economic externalities


Fundamental research is an experimental or theoretical work carried out to obtain new knowledge about various phenomena and observational results without the specific purpose of applying the acquired knowledge. In the process of fundamental research, various characteristics and structure of phenomena are analysed in order to formulate and test hypotheses, theories or regularities.

Applied research is also original research to gain new knowledge. However, they are performed to achieve some practical goal or solve a specific problem. The results of applied research are primarily intended to solve problems associated with individual or limited number of products, functions, methods or systems. Applied research develops ideas in a functional way. Research results are often patented, but they may also not be available to a wider range of users.

Development work is the systematic work carried out using scientific research or knowledge gained from practical experience to produce new materials, products or equipment, introduce new processes, systems and services, or significantly improve existing ones.
Feasibility study - assessment and analysis of the potential of a research project in order to facilitate the decision-making process by objectively and rationally identifying the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and risks of the project, as well as determining the resources necessary for its implementation and the prospects for its implementation. List of recent scientific articles, in the development of which the engineering, technical and teaching staff of the Transport Academy took part:
- Selection of mathematical model of on-board capacity energy storage as element of hybrid traction
unit of motor car rolling stock
- Modelling point electric heating algorithm using Fuzzy Logic
- Analysis of Experimental Railway Point Electric Heating System
- Analytical Study of Auto-balancing within the Framework of the Flat Model of a Rotor and an
Auto-balancer with a Single Cargo
- Development of the railway point electric heating intellectual control algorithm
- Economic Externalities of the Panama Metro Network
- Modelling of transient and steady-state modes of a vertical rotor with an automatic balancing device

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